Help Your Driver Own the Track—Lap After Lap.

Designed for the world of high-stake, high-paced pro stock car racing, the KUBE pro is our most premier product

  • Features most effective cooling factor while using very little energy
  • Entire unit weighs only 8.5 lbs. and draws less than 17 amp draw on High 10 amp on Low with a 12v Dc current
  • Each car can have one of our units mounted in various spots within the confines of the race car, and the Kool Kube only requires a 12V lead and a hose from an NACA duct to provide the cooling which the vest provides
  • Full cooling is provided (but oftentimes not needed) as long as the vehicles maintains a 70 mph minimum with an internal fan to provide it at lower speeds.
  • Lower setting may be used at higher speeds

Stop by and meet us at the PRI show December 1-3, 2011. Click the link below to see the booth map and where we'll be set-up for demos and information.

Toll free 877-566-5582 or

"We're Changing the Climate of Motorsports"

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