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Stop by and meet us at the PRI show December 1-3, 2011. Click the link below to see the booth map and where we'll be set-up for demos and information.


Extreme, Extreme!

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Driving Safe—and up to One’s Full Potential—Starts with Keeping Kool.

Reprint of a study done in 2002 by Safety in Mines Research Advisory Committee

"Responses to heat stress are extremely varied and the underlying mechanisms are often not fully understood. At lower levels of heat stress, the main signs are behavioral changes.
Exposure to mild to moderate heat stress results in subtle to substantial decrements in ability to perform tasks involving intellectual input, concentration and alertness, which may result in errors of judgment, with obvious implications for safety. At higher levels of heat stress, the impact appears to become more ’physiological’ in nature, with a progressive decrease in physical work capacity and, ultimately, the development of heat disorders. The occurrence of heat disorders, especially heat stroke, is often associated with severe and irreversible tissue damage and high mortality rates."

Letter from Jim Cheal, Co-Inventor and President

We would like the thank all the hundreds of people who came by our booth at the resent Performance Racing Industry show in Orlando last Dec. What a thrill to meet so many wonderful people, and find out how we might serve their needs for Kool.

It was extremely exciting for all of us at Action Circuit Productions and KOOL3 to get such a positive reception, and be able to explain about our new products to those in the racing industry, and be able to show just how our products work for keeping today's race car driver Kool.

We were proud to be involved with eight different teams in the past Rolex 24 race in Daytona Beach this past Jan., with zero failures. Although only 3 of these teams finished the complete 24hr. race, we can not control accidents, unfortunately.

Here are some photos of the modified unit to be able to fit in their prototype. We also have more photos of one of the days of testing up at Daytona Race track on our Gallery page. Hopefully they did place high in the finish order from that grueling race of man and machine, and that we can were glad we could play an important part in keeping the drivers Kool during that race.

Good luck to all the fine folks that make up the GrandAm Rolex series Racing team operations and their continued success for the rest of this year’s season !!

  Please come back often for more late breaking news about more exciting teams that we are working with for this season. There is a lot more to come! Stop by the Gallery Page to see more pics of the various cars and teams we are working with.




In the Works

Motorcycles Units

Less Heat. More Hog. ‘Nuff Said.

Providing the benefits of the Kool 3 personal cooling & heating system, our vests help you enjoy the open road while staying the perfect temp.

R&D-stage innovations include body-temp technology for:

  • Snowmobiling and a variety of winter sports
  • 4wheeling & other motor vehicles
  • Fishing in extreme environments
  • Aviation units, including fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters

We may be closer to your cause than you think. Call and see what solutions we may have for you and your sport.

We are proud to be members in good standing of the Motorcycle Industry Counsel.

We want to work with the whole industry to help provide a solution for those extreme hot riding days when it's just too hot to wear all those protective leathers, while at the same time, we feel that the same product should also keep you warm during those cool or cold riding days.

Check out our Motorcycle Products page for further info to see how we can make riding an even more pleasurable experience under extreme conditions of heat or cold

Toll free 877-566-5582 or sales@kool3.com

"We're Changing the Climate of Motorsports"

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